Your Brand, Our 360 Sustainable Idea

With the holiday season coming up soon, your product offering should be changing now. Anyone who does not really have a definite plan when it comes to shopping usually ends up picking a product based on just it's packaging design and elements that are integrated in it. Shrink Sleeves help you achieve exactly that with benefits such as,
-360 degree of brand value
-High Volume in production cycles
-Resistant Packaging (water, heat, humidity etc.)

Having a 360 degree brand value gives the product that you are marketing and advertising an elevated look from every angle. The cost of material absorbed is relatively lower which focuses on increased production cycles. Moreover, due to the nature of shrink sleeves being resistant to water, heat or humidity, it is quite easy for your products to not get damaged during the transporation process!

Shrink Sleeves offer all these incredible properties due to them being printed on the inside of a label so it does not come in contact with dust or heat which furthermore helps with the wear and tear of the product. They also offer a lot of capabilities such as being, 
-Excellent and Uniform Heat Shrinkage Properties
-Good ink Adhesion
-Surface Cleanliness and more

There are many trends that are currently booming in the industry that can help you step into the market at an easier pace such as, the e-commerce impact, sustainability awareness or even, art and design that goes into enhancing your product. 

1. Impact of e-commerce
e-commerce has been extremely impactful on packaging trends and brands are now rethinking how they can integrate the best packaging into their products. With packaging now being popular as ever, brands are now using e-commerce platforms to gain access to their materials right away. One of the platforms that can offer you an extremely fast and flexible service for your raw materials is, Open Packaging Market-Place!

2. Sustainability makes a DIFFERENCE!
Due to consumers now being more aware as ever and the innovative techniques that are being used by competitor companies, sustainability has been the top priority for many. Packaging has become a very necessary part in the packaging sector and brands are now going above and beyond to integrate things such as QR codes or utilizing the room shrink sleeves offers to their products by adding a lot of information about their products.

3. Art and Design
Art makes a HUGE difference in your packaging styles, with the right colour techniques and font styles, utilizing your products to do the advertising for themselves won't be difficult at all! 

4. Stories
Many brands nowadays utilize telling stories through their products. They use their products to convey the sustainability values of their company and utilizing shrink sleeves will help achieve exactly that.

With an increase in the usage of Shrink Sleeves and many brands now leaning towards them by describing their product values in detail, it is easier to stay ahead of the competition and the dynamic market. The market for Shrink Sleeves will see a CAGR of about 6% through 2032 with the market size being at least $27 billion. The main drivers of Shrink Sleeves are their flexibility and their capability to fit into awkward sized bottles while also giving the product an extremely clean finish.

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