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Shrink Sleeves have gained a lot of popularity due to their durability and their dynamic design. They are also a great initiative for many products and business operations nowadays due to their capability to easily adapt, offer flexibility, 360-degree artwork etc. There have been numerous debates revolving around shrink sleeves and how customers will not be able to recycle them or few drawbacks to their recyclability which is what we want to clear up for you in today’s newsletter. 

how does it work?

The biggest contributor towards the manufacturing of a shrink sleeve label lies in its substrate. This is exactly what your business might be missing! Consumers nowadays are more attracted towards companies that focus on the planet and encourage recycling and resusing.

Using PVC as a substrate for your shrink sleeve label production is bound to hinder your recyclability options which is why producers have now expanded and shifted towards PETG instead due to the recycling properties it has. Although, it is more expensive as compared to PVC, buyers are now more interested in the recycling and sustainability options that shrink sleeves bring to the table instead of the price. Moreover, this starts from the production process.

You must ensure that your customers are educated and aware that the labels on the products that they use can be removed easily and then recycled. Utilizing social channels or QR codes on your packaging is a great way to educate your target audience and shift them into wanting to recycle the labels.

There are many people who to this day claim that shrink sleeves bring about a lot of cost and contamination since they are typically a heavier weight film, however, as per the report on plastics today, Weilong Chaing who is the senior principal engineer of PepsiCo for beverage packaging stated that, shrink sleeves are a great alternative.

It is noted that the maintenance costs along with the financial strains that the companies will endure due to recycling shrink sleeve might be high, but the initiative comes from asking and encouraging your consumers to recycle. Chaing mentions in the article that, the solution cannot be implemented financially since it is not feasible, but we need to just find a combination of factors that might work. Kevin Frydryk who is the global development manager of Jindal Films has also stated that the market is attractive with high growth rates.

options shrink sleeves offer

Shrink Sleeves might offer options that might not seem sustainable to many business owners due to having to encourage their consumers to recycle and remove the labels, many companies have also added on zip-off labels to make it easier for their customers to remove the label off which is a great initiative but many think that it might just not be enough.

Many countries and companies do not have any recycling initiative taken but shrink sleeves, despite the few drawbacks it might offer are leading towards the right direction due to the properties, dynamic and dramatic product designs along with being able to add a lot of information on your product.

If you are looking for an alternative to shrink sleeves, its best to utilize cPET Substrate – Eco Sleeve label solution.

The cPET Eco Sleeve increases the sustainability of shrink sleeve labels by also improving the recyclability to 100%. Moreover, the label is recycled friendly, and no additional investments will be required. You can also opt for a washable ink choice and particulate to increase your sustainability morale.

The Perks of Eco-Sleeve:
 -Moisture Proof
-Printed cPET label flakes can be recycled 100% -High Shrink Rate
-Washable Ink Choice
-Compatible Shrink Force

The application of the shrink film can be applied on, full or partial body sleeves, tamper evident bands, and can also conform to the shapes of awkwardly sized bottles for cosmetics, beverages etc. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and you could be the next company to approach sustainability measures!

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