Why you need to think about Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves Market Size to reach up to usd 27.9 billion by 2030!

With the label and packaging industry working hard to support their customers, it has become quite necessary for companies to think outside the box for the sake of their customers! 

Shrink Sleeves are going to be the new future. With the perks that they offer, it is hard to say no to them due to how they elevate your product. The CAGR for the shrink sleeves market will be at 6.4% from 2022-2030 with many markets and companies that are now operating in the industry such as,
Berry Global Inc. 
Bonset America Corporation
CCL Industries
Fuji Seal International Inc.
And us! 

did you know?

Can Shrink Sleeves be used on any type of Packaging?

Shrink Sleeves are extremely versitile which means that they can be used in various different kinds of packaging including bottles, cans, jars and so much more. From awkward shaped containers to the ones that look not so awkward, Shrink Sleeves usually elevate the packaging if the packaging material is compatible with the shrink sleeve material and application process!

Can Shrink Sleeves be used to add a tamper-evident seal?

Due to the nature of shrink sleeves, they can be used to provide a tamper-evident seal on packaging! This can be extremely useful as it makes transportation process easy along with ensuring that the product does not go through wear and tear during the process.

Can Shrink Sleeves be removed and reapplied?

Generally, shrink sleeves are not meant to be removed and reapplied to the same packaging container as removing the sleeve can damage it and reapplication will be extremely hard. We recommend, removing the sleeve and recycling it instead to reduce the usage of raw materials!

Can Shrink Sleeves be recycled?

Absolutely! This usually depends on the type of shrink sleeve and the material that is used. PET and PVC is commonly recyclable whereas PE and PP are typically not. Your location also determines what might be recyclable and what might not be as it depends on what kind of materials your local recycling facility accepts. We recommend switching over to PET packaging as it offers tons of perks and recyclability which will make your product stand out! 

perks perks and perks!

Since, there are tons of perks and we keep talking about them, why not go ahead and discuss some of these for you so you're better prepared for this market? 

Shrink Sleeves resist peeling, scratches and smudges along with protecting the product from the effects of light. Some products can be quite sensitive to light exposure which is where, shrink sleeves come in! They can include a light-blocking film which can protect the contents from the effects of light. Moreover, the ink that is used on shrink sleeves is usuaully printed on the inside which means that the label acts as a protective coating!

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