Think of Shrink Sleeves for all your Labeling needs!

Think of Shrink sleeves
for all your labeling needs!

Kick start your production for the summer with us! The shrink sleeve market is valued at $10.37B in 2020 and will reach $15.55B in 2026 with a CAGR of 6.52% over the forecast period until 2026. Shrink sleeves are extremely valuable and innovative and have continuously gained popularity due to the flexibility and perks it offers.

Shrink Sleeve Labels are your solution towards an ideal label choice for not only your cans production but also towards various other bottles and containers. Shrink Sleeve labels allow your products to attain a standout shelf appeal and helps that distinguish their identity for themselves. Moreover, with Shrink Sleeve labels, you can customize your product however you want! Shrink sleeves can be printed on flat plastic films such as PETG, PLA or PVC and are then heated to shrink the label in the form of a container.

Utilize it for Various Products:

Shrink Sleeves will help you preserve the freshness of the contents inside and will be your most feasible solution due to the packaging. Packaging and design flexibility of shrink sleeve labels make it easier to differentiate your brand from another due to its special printing techniques. The benefits your product can attain from Shrink Sleeve labels are as follows,

-Helps you add more details about your product
-Clean finishes with a sophisticated design
-Be able to print the expiration date directly onto the label

Moreover, the benefits of shrink sleeves do not stop here. With various recyclability benefits, shrink sleeves do not get affected by the moisture incurred during the transportation process. Additionally, they also offer the following perks when it comes to recyclability,

-Easy to remove and boost the easiness of opening containers and bottles
-Boosts efficiency of container recycling
-Promotes a circular economy
-White PET will allow you to reinforce the recycling functions and extends the expiration dates -Containers are recycled with their labels on

Why Shrink Sleeves?

Shrink sleeves have become extremely popular due to the advantages it offers companies. They have a sleek look and can accommodate large information along with bright colours that helps them stand out from the rest of the products your competition might be offering. Shrink sleeves also raise brand awareness due to their ability to cover the entire product in brand colours and eye-catching graphics that consumers will always seem to remember.

Shrink sleeves also offer tamper-evident bands which is wrapped around the neck and cap of a product which allows consumers to see if the product has been opened or not. Due to the flexibility the film offers, packaging and labeling needs can be met exactly how you want it. You could utilize a full-body sleeve for your product, multi-packs for your promotional needs, middle shrink sleeves for only labeling needs, or a full-body and cap shrink sleeve that ensures no leaks during the transportation process for the beverage industry.  

Market Growth

Asia-Pacific is the largest growing market for shrink sleeves particularly driven by India and China due to the increasing demand in food and low labour costs. Furthermore, major companies such as PepsiCo, Coca-Cola etc. are also shifting towards Shrink Sleeves due to their growing market share and popularity amongst consumers. Moreover, as per the report by Mordor Intelligence, it is seen that many companies are now introducing their own new products to promote sustainability and eco-friendly labels. For example, in July 2020, CCL Label introduced an EcoFloat TD shrink sleeve material which has been approved by the European PET bottle platform. Companies and manufacturers are readily making shrink and stretch sleeves available to their consumers and you could be the next one to adopt it!

With our well-equipped team and a free trial service, you will be able to integrate the best label choice towards all your product needs whether it be, beer, beverages, dairy or even packaged food! So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and let us assist you towards an eco-friendly label and environment. 

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