The Packaging Color Impact on a Consumer


how PACKAGING COLOR IMPACT on a consumer

Each product has its own “right” color for promotion. It has been proven that consumers prefer goods that have a more natural look - greens, fruits, vegetables.

It is considered that every color affects the subconscious of human beings positively or negatively. Our Polimex Team is interested in how color packaging influences on a buyer.

How does a particular color affect the consumer?

Today we would like to consider our favorite colors.

1. Yellow color. It evokes feelings of sun, holiday, positivity, optimism but also of anxiety. Yellow is good in advertising of kid’s goods. Especially in winter, products in yellow wraps and its shades are in great demand. Most likely, the reason for this - a lack of the warmth of summer.

Many consumers of cosmetics noted they always want to pick up a jar of cream or toilet water in a golden package.

2. Red color. It’s associated with passion, excitement, energy, action, and strength. Red stimulates the consumer to take immediate decisions. It causes appetite; so it is often used for fast-food chains. YouTube uses this color because of the excitement of watching videos online. This color is liked by men. That’s why many cigarettes, toilet water, deodorants are packaged in red.

H&M, Coca-Cola, Levi’s choose red color. Use this color to increase the heart rate of your customer!

3. Blue color. It is a color of calm. Children like blue. Perhaps, for this reason, products for children have packaging with a predominance of blue. In combination with white, it gives a pleasant look and great popularity among consumers. For example, white-blue milk packaging is sold faster than green-white. It is interesting that milk in the blue packaging seems fresher.

Just choose the right blue that is right for your market.

4. Green. It is a relaxing color that is easy on the eye and synonymous with health. In color psychology, it relates to security and wealth. It can also be linked to the growth of power, money, military, finance.

For packaging colors, green suggests natural, organic and healthy. It is an excellent color for environmentally friendly products. Try it when using our PETg, OPS, PLA films, they are quite eco-friendly too.

By the way, Starbucks, Land Rover, John Deere, and others are using green.

5. Pink color. This is the color of tenderness, friendliness, and comfort, it reduces aggression. Pink is considered feminine and the color of life. Do you want to create a good atmosphere, positive mood, and psychological comfort? Don't hesitate, use pink!

 In the pink packaging mainly packaged products and goods intended specifically for girls. Cosmetics and perfumery are mainly wrapped in pink packaging. Using brighter pinks for any packaging colors tends to suggest a less expensive and trendy product, that is suitable for the teenage market.

It is important that the continuity of a particular color of the package depends on many factors:

- country,

- seasonality,

 - gender,

- financial situation,

- purpose of the goods.

With a successful combination of colors of the packaging, a brand becomes popular, memorable and in demand.

Also, you should know that our shrink films are excellent for all your ideas with colors. It has excellent print quality. You can easily reach the brightness and saturation of colors. Additionally, the almost absolute transparency of the shrink film allows to see the contents of the product (bottles, jars, vials, etc.), and emphasize its natural color or transparency.

So, if you have any questions we can help with, feel free to contact our manager.

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