The Future of Packaging. New Packaging Technologies.

by Polimex Team

The Future of Packaging. New Packaging Technologies.

We have tons of products on store shelves, and their packaging plays a crucial role. Packaging is the first thing a potential buyer pays attention to. Obviously, that packaging must evolve and adapt to the realities of our world.

Here at Polimex Group, we have identified the most interesting technology trends of packaging.

Let's take a look!

Robots in the packaging industry

Packaging is a wonderful field for collaborative robots. Today's we can see an ever-increasing need for packaging. Therefore, business is faced with a choice: either employ more people or try the automation.

The automation of the packaging industry will be conducted gradually. This is possible with the help of cobots, which are intended for the production of packaging under a contract. They can work in a common working space with operators, and can be easily moved from one area of the workshop to another. They can easily cope with a variety of repetitive tasks.

Intelligent packaging

Product piracy causes a lot of financial loss for brands and manufacturers. This is also a reason of potential health risks, because of the use of unlicensed chemicals. There are packaging specialists that develop hidden RFID codes (radio frequency identification), which can be printed directly on the packaging or embedded in it. This technology gives possibility to send signals (contactless communication with the package) even to a smartphone enabling sellers quickly determine the status of their goods. It's not just a way to protect goods from theft, but also it's a great opportunity to check temperature and quality of products.

Freshcode for poultry

This brilliant idea was patented by Kao Chimigraf. Freshcode helps buyers check product freshness with the special indicator. It's very important because poultry products are perishable.

The indicator is impregnated in the white center of the Freshcode with an intelligent ink. In case the spoilage of chicken breasts the intelligent ink captures the emission of volatile gases. It changes color to show the level of freshness. If the indicator black - it's forbidden to eat! This innovation will definitely impact the sales in the future!

Frugal Cups for coffee

These cups are created to overcome environmental problems, due to the fact that a huge amount of non-recyclable disposable coffee cups are thrown away. Frugal Cup is designed by Ipswich-based Frugalpac, and it is fully recyclable and made from recycled paperboard. This cup with no waterproofing chemicals is built of two elements, the paperboard and food grade liner. The thing that we admire is that they can be easily recycled during the standard recycling process. So we're looking forward for recyclable cup revolution among coffee industry!

Polimex Team is inspired by these brilliant ideas! Packaging industry goes on and Polimex Group as well. So we are glad to offer you our eco-friendly shrink films.

Contact us and be free to share your ideas about innovative production and new solutions. 

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