The Debate

are shrink sleeves bad?

Shrink Sleeves have gained a lot of popularity due to their durability and their dynamic design. They are also a great initiative for many products and business operations nowadays due to their capability to easily adapt, offer flexibility, 360-degree artwork etc. There have however been numerous debates revolving around the recyclability and drawbacks that are attached to shrink sleeves. The biggest contributor towards the manufacturing of shrink sleeves revolves around its substrate. Using PVC as a substrate ususally tend hinder your recyclability options when it comes to shrink sleeves which is why producers including us have switched over to PETG instead due to the amazing recyclability advantages that it offers!

          How does it really work?

Although, it is more expensive as compared to PVC, buyers are now more interested in the recycling and sustainability options that shrink sleeves bring to the table instead of the price. Moreover, this starts from the production process. 

You must ensure that your customers are educated and aware that the labels on the products that they use can be removed easily and then recycled. Utilizing social channels or QR codes on your packaging is a great way to educate your target audience and shift them into wanting to recycle the labels. Many companies have already started working towards the approach of QR codes to educate their customers. 

One such company happens to be the Pernod Ricard that have now started to integrate QR codes in their products that show product information along with how it can be recycled. Many people still have the same stigma attached to shrink sleeves due to the cost and because it is a heavier film option but major companies do not happen to think so. The senior principal engineer of PepsiCo stated in an interview that he thinks Shrink Sleeves are indeed an excellent alternative for the beverage and food industry due to the capabilities that it offers its customers.

Shrink Sleeves might offer options that might not seem sustainable to many businesses but that does not mean that are bad or not sustainable. Many businsses have to encourage their customers to support the cause and recycle their bottles or products which is why the process starts with YOU. Attaching QR codes or constantly educating customers on your digital platforms is one step ahead as your customers are more likely going to be motivated into recycling. Additionally, many companies have also started adding zip-off labels that allow customers to just easily peal the label off the product. Shrink Sleeves although with few hurdles and drawbacks are headed towards the right direction and are motivating company owners and the public to utilize them and recycle them correctly due to the dynamic qualities that they possess. Moreover, with Shrink Sleeves, it really is not that hard to make your product stand out and look the best on product and market shelves!


what is your alternative?

It all depends on what you might be looking for! If you are looking to utilize shrink sleeves to their maximum capacity while also keeping economical values in mind, our cPET Substrate - Eco Sleeve Label Solution best fits this!

The Perks of Eco-Sleeve:  
-Moisture Proof -Transparent
-Printed cPET label flakes can be recycled 100%
-High Shrink Rate
-Washable Ink Choice
-Compatible Shrink Force

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