Let's look with Polimex at The “Green” Alternatives!



Plastic is considered to be one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world nowadays. For instance, the U.S. wasted about 33.6 million tons of plastic, and only 9.5% was recycled. It has been estimated that more than 12 million tones of plastic ends up in our oceans each year. There are huge amounts of marine species who are endangered by its presence. Experts say that people must cut consumption, it is the best way to cut plastic waste.

Could we help it? Let's look with Polimex at the “green” alternatives!

Biodegradable plastic – Nautan

This material is a result of work together of specialists from the German company Crafting Plastics Studio and the Slovak Technology University. Two polymers are used for its production, extracted from corn starch, waste vegetable oil and sugar. Nautan is not afraid of heating to 100 degrees, it can be used for 15 years. But the crucial thing is that this type of plastic can be completely decomposed inside the human or animal body, therefore it is considered to be biologically safe. It’s definitely worth a try.

Plastic bag that you can eat

Polimex Team is impressed by the amazing idea of Indonesian company to create a plastic bag that you can eat it. Yes, it's true!

Avani Eco based in Bali, has created a bag that looks and feels like plastic, but it is 100% degradable and compostable. It’s made out of the vegetable root - cassava. This bag can be soluble in water, so it's absolutely eco-friendly and won’t cause any harm to animals.

It's no secret that Indonesia is one of the most polluted countries with plastic. So this idea is brilliant! 

Seaweed-based packaging

This great solution used by Indonesian start-up called Evoware.

The company works with local seaweed farmers to create such kind of packaging for various goods. It can be dissolved in hot water and even edible. It's amazing, that this material can be printed and coloured.

Plastic made from wood

This great idea was created by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. This plastic is made from agricultural and forestry by-products, which could be used for stand-up food pouches for products such as muesli, nuts, dried fruit and rice.

The super interesting thing that used wood by-products contain cellulose, the most widespread renewable polymer on the planet.

What we offer


We'd like to note, that Polimex Group cares about our Planet as well. So we never stop searching for ways to produce eco-friendly shrink films. Our PETg, OPS and PLA shrink films are pretty eco-friendly and can be recycled. For example, PLA film is 100 % compostable bioplastic that uses the raw material made from plants mainly based on corns, sugarcanes or potatoes. It’s a great solution for packaging food products.

Polimex Group will be incredibly happy to offer you our products and services. Also we’re open for your questions and new solutions. Contact us and we’ll try to make our world better together!

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