Huge Growth with Bioplastics!

European bioplastics forecasts increased production of bioplastics by 2027.

The fast growing development of polymers such as PHA, PLA and biobased forms of polyamides and PP is expected to drive the production capacity of bio-based plastics within the next 5 years. Only 40% of the worlds bioplastics is produced in Asia which is expected to grow and increase to 60% by 2027. 

With the ever-growing increase in Bioplastics, there are many benefits attached to them that makes it an extremely viable investment at the moment.

Some of the perks that are attached to bioplastics are,
1. Environmental-Awareness
: Because of the societies interest in environmental awareness now, many shops and supermarkets are not giving out plastic bags but use compostable bags instead for their product to promote their sustainability values.

2. Changes to Law: The government and many countries are now aware of sustainability measures as well which has resulted in many countries now banning plastics and encouraging the use of compostable bags instead.

3. Waste Reduction: To better preserve the environment, using of bioplastics helps to reduce the amount of waste produced which in-turn will help boost and allow companies to work towards their sustainable development goals in a much efficient way.

Marketing Bioplastics can be a challenge for some and easy for others. Due to their extremely complex nature, many companies that use bioplastics often end up over-promising customers which often sometimes leads to disappointment and results in consumers not wanting to buy from your company again. 

The first step in marketing your bioplastics is to educate your customers and tell them what exactly can be done with these plant-based products and packaging. The applications that can be utilized for bioplastics include a wide range of choices such as, food containers, grocery bags, biodegradable utensils, food packages etc.

Although, bioplastics have been around for more than 100 years, they have just recently started to shine through in the market since they promote a sustainable and a healthy environment at the same time. 

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