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The packaging industry is constantly changing. Looking at the past trends from 2000-2009, consumer needs have changed along with demographics.

According to a report by Packaging Europe, a shift from rigid packaging types as glass and metal to flexibles and rigid plastics such as PET were identified during this era to battle the factor of consumer convenience.
From 2010-2020, China was the largest market for packaging and health & wellness. Sustainability and Innovation seemed to play a massive role in this era along with limited commercialization.

Sustainable Structure has been affected by these industrial shifts:

Industrial shifts tend to keep three key factors as a base line.

 1. Sustainability at its core: Every company including yours has optimized carbon footprint along with recyclable content. Moreover, more and more business models are now aware of refilling and reusing and are integrating it into their business goals.

 2. Digital: E-commerce has gone digital and due to that; consumers are now informed at all times. To ensure, that your consumer picks you over your competitor, you need to first gain their trust and ensure them that your product takes their health and wellness into account along with certain sustainability measures.

 3. New Opportunities for Growth: E-commerce demand will keep surging up and due to that, it is important for your business to offer your services through a website along with keeping your customers informed through digital channels to further, strengthen the value chain.

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There are multiple types of bioplastics you could shift your focus upon, some of them being,

PLA: PLA is made from sugar found in crops such as corn and sugarcane and is relatively inexpensive. It also has a lot of mechanical properties compared to other biodegradable polymers which makes it popular in the label market.

PBAT: These are petrochemically-derived biodegradable plastics and are environment friendly as well. Moreover, PLA shrink sleeves provide a higher shrinkage at low temperatures and have a great transparency for your product needs

Bio-Plastics demand will keep increasing due to the society’s interest in environment awareness which has seemed to grow over the decades.

Moreover, consumers now want to be sustainable and eco-friendly which is why adopting or shifting towards bioplastics will add towards your product value. Moreover, due to the increasing popularity of bioplastics, most packaging companies will offer you a solution with PLA or PBAT. Shifting towards PLA or PBAT will provide your company with benefits like no other such as, odor-free properties, heat barrier capabilities etc.

Concluding the blog, the question it leads us to next is, what would you get out of using biofilms?

Sustainability by Polimex


You can add a new communication value towards your company's core values.


Shows your company's commitment towards a sustainable approach along with following trends and innovative techniques. 

Sustainability by Polimex

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