What We Do

Having started in 2015 with a small labeling project in Italy, today we serve hundreds of converters and brands worldwide, offering advanced labeling technology, high-quality packaging and sleeve labeling substrates, the latest product innovations in strong consumer markets. 

We are a Team of people, highly experienced in packaging and labeling converting, whose goal is to improve everyone's life through sustainable packaging products and offer great solutions to solve your business challenges. 

Polimex heavily investing knowledge in the development of new formulations for easy recycling and new sustainable solutions for brands. At various stages we have performed projects for such great converters and brands:

Our European Office is in Italy, City of Milancapital of creativity and a symbol of brand design all over the world, the center of a unique know-how, taste, historical and cultural network and fastest growing country in cosmetic, pharma, fashion, wine, furniture and food excellence. Italy is one of the most important technological centers in the world and one of the leaders in Europe in the development of packaging and labeling technologies.

In 2023 we started operating in North & South America by Polimex Trade, Inc. Ontario, Canada

This B2B Online Website is our vision about the label and packaging materials procurement process based on self service and 24/7 feedstock access to close fast your material needs in continuous manufacturing process, request a trial or receive a price quote in minutes for your current or next packaging and labeling project. Our experience has shown that this information is very important for making a prompt important decision to capture orders quickly. With the help of such engine, our clients close deals ten times faster than competitors. Going digital is an opportunity to outlive the crisis and endure for years to come.

Our products are designed for all size companies willing to optimize their brands performance across the world with advanced labeling and packaging technology:

We provide packaging and labeling solutions that will support the printers and brands in expressing their identity and both promoting and protecting their products through the combination of beautiful package design and environmentally friendly packaging material, tailored to the individual customer's requirements and developed in collaboration with the best manufacturers from across the globe. 

You can order online or reach us directly with detailed RFP to [email protected], but quick ways are:

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  • Having the high quality substrates for making sleeve labels, biodegradable and compostable packaging.

    Polimex Team